By introducing the musical opus of G. Tartini and his contemporaries in the birth place of this great baroque composer, Tartini Festival revives the rich cultural heritage of Slovenia. Concerts presented by renowned musical performers create an atmosphere of exclusivity for prominent guests and connoisseurs of classical music. On the other hand for new audiences it offers a unique contemporary, non - traditional concert experience.

Tartini Festival is an exciting addition to the summer events along the Slovene coast. The programme is of equal interest to residents as well as tourists, who like to enrich their stay by visiting cultural events.

In partnership with the tourism organizations tasked with developing the Slovene coast, Tartini Festival strives to promote cultural tourism as a key driving force for the development of the local tourism economy.

The Tartini festival was successfully presented at the BIT international tourist exchange in Milan (21st -24th February 2008), the Torino Workshop (3rd April 2008) and the Slovenian Convention Bureau Workshop in Milan (10th and 11th June 2008). Young musicians of the Junior festival group performed at the Slovenian exhibition space and thus presented Slovenia as a destination with an ear for the fine arts. Between May 30th and June 2nd we took part of the first Music tourism workshop in Ischia, Italy, where we successfully participated in a seminar and established many important contacts for future work. The collaboration with the Portorož Tourism organisation in the preparation of the “Tartini as an integral tourist product” project is also worth mentioning.